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Llamadas Carnival Tour

Discover the African traditions and rites that have given shape to Uruguay’s Carnival in the form of the Llamadas Parade (the Calls Parade). The name comes from the drums which African immigrants used to use to find each other during Carnival. Experience this lively Llamadas Carnival parade in Montevideo for yourself with this Carnival Tour.


*Campos Obrigatórios

Available: Yes



  • Transfers to/from hotels in the city.
  • Bilingual guide (English and Spanish).

Days and Hours:

  • During Carnival. Departs at 7pm.


  • 5 hours approx.

The streets of Montevideo turn into a party each year, with song, dance and the call of the drums. The Calls Parade, or Parade of las Llamadas, was created by the African descendants in Uruguay. Learn more about this parade and the history of Uruguay’s Carnival on this tour, which takes you behind the scenes before giving you the chance to witness this unique Carnival parade.

You’ll be transported from your hotel to the Sur and Palermo neighbourhoods, where you will share the history of this magical festival of drums with the company of a guide. The parade is organised each year by the Sociedades de Negros y Lubolos, a group of candombe singers and dancers, to pay tribute to the African culture that has been present in Uruguay since colonial times. Characterised by candombe, a genre of music native to Uruguay, and drums, this colourful festival was declared an Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2009.

During this carnival tour you’ll be introduced to the groups of drummers that take part in the Las Llamadas parades. The drums, the dancing and the characters express the African tradition and culture that has taken root in Uruguay. After a behind the scenes look at the history and culture of the parade, you’ll get to watch this spectacular Carnival Parade.

Book your place at the Carnival Parade of the Llamadas, where a guide will take you to the party in the streets. Get lost in the rhythm of the drums and Uruguay’s African heritage as you get to know the city from a different angle. Come join the Carnival celebrations in Montevideo!

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