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Take a City Tour of Cosmopolitan Montevideo

Book a city tour in Montevideo for an insight into life in the Uruguayan capital. The city is fascinating to explore with its mix of antiquity and modernity. See the best of both worlds, by booking travel activities that explore both facets of Montevideo. Take a walk through the city's history, experience the passion of Uruguayan football, see the top city attractions and so much more. Browse our selection of the best Montevideo city tours now!

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    Montevideo City Tour Sale

    Centuries-old colonial landmarks, vibrant old town neighbourhoods, and astonishing coastal vistas – uncover the unique beauty of tranquil Montevideo on this wonderful half-day city tour.

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  2. From the spectacular Port Market to the Legislative Palace and Estadio Centenario, our Hop-on Hop-off Montevideo Bus Tour brings the best attractions of the city into focus.

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  3. Visit Montevideo’s Legislative Palace, an important public building that symbolises the democratic values of Uruguay. This Parliament building is a National Historic Monument, as well as a great architectural attraction. Book a tour of this impressive building online now.

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  4. One of the key historical attractions in Montevideo is the ancient walls of the city that once fortified the Citadel built by the Spanish. Go on a historical walking tour along the walls, from the northern to the southern bastion. Book this cultural tour of the Ciudad Vieja (Old City) online.

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  5. Let the nightlife of Montevideo seduce you. With a local guide, discover the roots of the local music scene and bohemian lifestyle in Montevideo. At the end of this night tour, enjoy a delicious dinner, while listening to the rhythm of Tango and Candombe.

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  6. Montevideo is a modern and cosmopolitan city, making it a great spot to find the latest fashion trends. Take a Shopping Tour in Montevideo with an expert guide to help you find the best fashion and trendy pieces that the city offers.

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